Build it Yourself

Looking for something different? - you've found it! The Ottavino Music Box is a hand-crafted, authentic replica of a 17th century Ottavino. No stamped out plastic parts made to sell cheaply - there are hundreds of them available at the click of your mouse. No distorted designs meant to simulate the look of a real instrument - unconvincing to say the least. The Ottavino Music Box measures 11 1/2" x 5 7/8" x 5 3/4", and looks exactly like the original instrument. Press down on the keyboard and the music box plays. Release the keys and the music stops. Unfortunately, the price of a truly authentic, hand made music box is priced to reflect the work that goes into building it. I know - I build them and they're for sale on my website for $1500. Now there is an alternative. You can own this beautiful music box for a fraction of its true cost and value. Of course there is a catch, but it's a pretty simple one. All you have to do is

Build it Yourself!
You can do it - let me show you how.